Wednesday, April 18, 2007

The Stargates Return

Why is Ba'al alive? Why is he the only Goau'ld left? For comic relief I guess?

Finally the team gets away from Adria the Ori bitch from hell. The team is protected with some auto transporter set up by Merlin. Adria is on their tail though and following them from destination to destination. Daniel Jackson gets all of the knowledge that Merlin has downloaded in his head and of course, the team leaves him behind. They pretend to be really broken up about it.

Do I sound bored with this episode? I'm sorry, I was. The dragon killed it for me. Everyone knows how I feel about dragons. They, for some reason, since Jurassic Park and the LOTR movies, bore the crap out of me. ...and to see one on SG1??? Let's just say that I'm highly irritated.

I'm not fond of the Ori story. It's too.... today. I don't care for the Merlin story because it was bound to bring out dragons. It's kind of an interesting story but something was rushed or left out or something. It's not doing it for me.

Replicators.... again.....
Although.... Seeing O'Neil made up for it.
I loved the fact that the team got back together, broke all the rules and saved the day. The underwater scene was memorable although they got captured anyway. Doesn't matter because the team saves the day. The ancients are all dead so the team can reclaim Atlantis. Sounds like a win-win.

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