Wednesday, April 18, 2007

Painkiller Jane Pilot

I was somewhat excited about seeing this show.

All I can tell you now is that it isn't love at first sight. I'll give it a chance but there's something off about it. I'm not sure how the did it but they managed to make an attractive lady like Kristanna Loken look completely fugly and over-butch. She got off some witty lines and I know this show isn't supposed to be a fashion statement but the gritty element isn't working for me here. The cast didn't really move me either. You know what this show reminded me of? Mutant X. That's really bad. But the funny thing is that I watched Mutant X for a couple of seasons.

Also, I know that Painkiller Jane was invented first but the story is too similar to Heroes. We have a bunch of folks who were tampered with and now they have special powers.
*rolls eyes*
They even have a Mohinder character.
*rolls eyes and they get stuck. slaps self.*

Another thing that was annoying is Jane Vasco revisiting her mother's funeral. It was too much of that and too much of her "happy place".

I'm going to wait it out and give the show a chance but they better do something serious. This one may be in trouble.

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