Wednesday, April 18, 2007

Lost: Left Behind/One of Us

As I get ready for Lost tonight, I'm thinking about what has happened in the past couple of weeks. Although the show has been good this season, it just hadn't been "crack TV" up until Left Behind and One of Us. With the new reveal that Juliette is just as twisted as everyone think she is, I found myself actually anticipating this weeks episode of Lost. I may even watch it live instead of DVRing it. That's major. I haven't had.... made the time to watch anything live in awhile.

What kinda of madness will they have for us this week? :D

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Trish said...

I had begun to loose faith, but over the last few episodes, I too have regained my anticipation of lost episodes. I'm starting to think again that there IS a plan and that they're following it instead of pandering and milking the 'triangle/square' for all it's worth.

I can't wait until Ben comes back!