Saturday, July 23, 2005

SciFriday So Far

I must say that I'm impressed. I'm going to knock on some wood (shut up) for luck so that the goodness keeps on rolling in. If you haven't watched, I'm going to be making vague references but not necessarily spoilers. If you don't want to be spoiled do everyone a favor go elsewhere. Shame on you for not watching SciFriday.


First the SciFi Premiere Day was as exciting and ended up being everything that I hoped for. The SciFriday Preview Show was an awesome touch. It made it feel like Super Bowl Sunday but for geeks. All we need is live news coverage, something to place bets on and the flashing of a nipple. Maybe Claudia Black's outfit will "malfunction".

Stargate: SG1=>
Ben Browder is awesome as a Richard Dean Anderson patch. (Notice I didn't say replacement.) I like Beau Bridges but what happened to General Hammond? I would like to see more of Don S. Davis. They already took Dr. Frasier from us for no good reason... grrrr.... OK... focus...
I enjoyed Claudia Black's performance. It's too bad she's not a regular character. The comedic timing in Avalon Pt.1 was flawless. I haven't enjoyed TV this much in awhile. I like the subdued Browder. He was way wacky in Farscape and in SG1 he manages to get his fair share. I hope they let him loosen up a bit because it seems like he's holding back.
I'm guessing that Michael Shanks grew a beard and put his glasses back on because he and Browder look like cousins? The limited gene pool remark Vela made to acknowledge this was priceless.
HATE TEAL'C'S HAIR!!! It's has the juicy shine of an old school Michael Jackson jheri curl and not quite the precision of a Roman hair cut. It SUCKS find something else. His baby fro was fine. He did not look like Shaft. What's wrong with him looking "Afrocentric"? He's been on Earth for about 9 years, it stands to reason that he would adopt a Human hair cut. Teal'c also seems angrier this season and I don't quite buy the hostile Jaff'a political situation. It all seems forced. There is no chemistry between Teal'c and Mitchell. They owe Christopher Judge more.
Speaking of more, I guess "working in Area 51" is military speak for having a baby. I miss Sam.

Stargate: Atlantis =>
I wish Mitch Pileggi was there to stay. I so love him. He's another sexy balding man. If men are going to be bald do it like Mitch Pileggi, Christopher Judge, Don S. Davis, Avery Brooks and Patrick Stewart. When men puss about "Oh I'm going bald, I'll be wearing maxi pads next.", I want to slap them and show them hot, steaming examples of bald/ing men. Grow up and get hot like these men.
Speaking of hot, where's this new guy that they got rid of Lt. Ford for? You take away the baby faced cutie because you aren't talented enough to write for him and bring in a ... ok that's not fair. I'm just upset. I like Ford.
So you guys are going to officially start "beaming" stuff? I would have not been so irritated with it if they'd called it transferring, "transing", flashing, anything other than "beaming".
I know that this show is in it's infant stages but something's lacking. It seems like this show found a science fiction script generator and just filled in the blanks. It feels typical. I love McKay. Love Ford. Love Beckett. I really like the show but I find my mind wandering halfway through the episodes. It seemed to drag on and the hour seemed way longer than the SG1 hour.
I wanted to give Teyla a chance but her saccharine sweetness is beginning to annoy me. What happened to her and Sheppard. I'm not usually one for the whole relationship story line but I think there's should heat up again.
.... beaming.... pffft

Battlestar Galactica =>
[one minute passes]
Well, believe it or not but I don't think that I have a complaint. Wait let me think...
Cylons suck.... nah...
Number Six annoys... nah...
Nope, I don't have any complaints. I can't even force any out.
Looks like next week we get some Richard Hatch action and the killer part is that I'm looking forward to it. I remember when I used to love ragging on the guy. Now, it's nothing but love. :)

The Verdict =>
My nitpicks are just that very small. It would only out about 4% of my 100% enjoyment factor. That's pretty darned good. SciFriday is a winner for me. They've even made Fridays better with air Firefly right before the regular SciFriday shows. Then if you want to veg out for the rest of the night, you can watch re-runs of Andromeda, Roswell, Buck Rogers and Planet of the Apes.
The SciFi Channel has lost some viewers with some of their hijinks in the past but if they keep it up, they may just win some folks back.

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