Friday, July 15, 2005

Tonight, Scifi Channel Rules The World

Every other channel should go ahead and show snow because tonight is the SciFi Channel's biggest night. Tonight we forgive them for canceling Farscape. Tonight we forgive them for Tremors. Tonight.... we forgive them for Mansquito. Tonight is SciFriday.

Yes, ladies and gentlemen, tonight is the season premieres for Stargate: SG1, Stargate Atlantis and the critically acclaimed Battlestar Galactica. I haven't felt this excited about Friday night TV since The X-Files.


Anonymous said...

Been a good while since I stopped by your blog. I had to work tonight so I missed all my favorite shows returning. Thanks goodness for Tivo. I have two tivos, and both of them should have recording the SciFi channel nonstop last night.

Anyway, missed stopping by your blog. I lost the link and finally found it again.

scifirantergirl said...

It's good to see your site up and running again!!!