Sunday, July 10, 2005

Will "Lost" start to suck?

Lost Shuns Sci-Fi Label
ABC is selling the hit as a relationship show about people caught up in extraordinary circumstances

Looks like the Senior VP of Marketing wants to keep the science fiction label as far away from this show as possible. I hope they don't start making the show crappy out of desperation not to have this show labeled science fiction. When writers take the mystery out of their writing, it makes the show about the same everyday drama that we all have. BORING! I never understood how someone could watch a show about people and their relationships with their friends and family. I have enough friends and family to not want to be bothered with their drama. It's dull, lame and so very common.

Bring on the monsters, bring on the black smoke, creepy music, stay with the unknown. Once shows become predictable, they jump the shark.

"Science fiction will not come into play from a marketing standpoint," says ABC Senior VP of Marketing Mike Benson of the show’s second year. "We have never used those two words. While there certainly are sci-fi elements to it, it is important that we position the show in a way that is not too narrow."

Grow some balls Mike.
ABC’s decision to continue to downplay the sci-fi element next season makes the show more palatable to a wider target audience on Madison Avenue. Says series co-executive producer Damon Lindelof, "I think the network and the studio have always understandably not wanted to brand it as a science fiction show, because that is a very narrow definition of what a show is."

A wider audience? Dude! This is the number one show.
Up jumps the red flag.

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