Friday, April 01, 2005

Does anyone actually listen to Dragon Radio's pod casts?

I usually just read the page but since I got my nifty MP3 player (that is not an iPod) I decided to give it a try. My god those guys are hilarious. I happened to catch the one with Lushious Lucius Sheperd and those guys had me cracking up from the start. They trashed the Catwoman movie for about 15 minutes. And I must say that true lovers of the comic book genre should appreciate Catwoman for it's originality, character development and it's compelling and refreshing look at the Catwoman story. You have to look a little deeper with this movie..... OK. I'm bullshitting.

Also, the guy with the book, Richard K Morgan, um... WOW! I actually felt excited about reading a book. I really want to check this one out. Knowing how I feel about sitting still enough to read a book, that's saying a lot. BTW The book is called Market Forces.

I look forward to listening to more from these guys.

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