Wednesday, April 20, 2005

The World is Never Going to End

Just stop hoping for it. It's never going to happen. This puppy is built to last. Nothing we do will totally get rid of this place. We can pollute it, make it an utterly miserable place to live, over populate it but it's not going away. So don't take out that loan, don't run up that credit card, don't have that unprotected sex because you WILL live and you WILL have to deal with it.

I'm just saying because SciFi Channel is passing off Revelations as science fiction. Sure they pass off a lot of things as sci-fi these days. In the "spirit" of things, I'm going to declare CSI science fiction. Forensics is a science. The characters are fictional. There you have it. Now I can officially go on about nerdily hot Grissom is. GIRLIE SQUEAL!!!

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