Sunday, April 24, 2005

SPOILERS - In a Mirror, Darkly

"In a Mirror, Darkly"
In a dark alternate universe, an amoral, imperialistic version of the Enterprise crew makes an astonishing discovery during a mission into enemy alien territory.

It was one of the best episodes of Enterprise and I'm pissed. Wanna know why? Because it shows me that The Powers That Be have the ability to make good episodes but won't. This episode confirmed that for me. It makes me feel like the lackluster beginning to this show was a plan to kill the show. It's unbelievable.
They had the power to change that crappy theme song the whole time. They had the power to make a compelling story-line the whole time. They had the ability to merge the story with the original series the whole time.
Instead, for a reason that I will NEVER understand TPTB decided to crap their way through this show. Instead of stepping down, instead of making way for someone who wants to do a good show, instead of giving the fans what they wanted the whole time we get the "too little to late so fu** you" send off. You can b*tch about Lucas, but at least the man knows how to do a prequel in that he only botched minor details.

Now to the praise for the show:
This episode gave me that warm fuzzy feeling that made me love Star Trek in the first place. You know how I usually scramble around to find my mute button so I won't have to hear that god awful theme song? I slipped up and got around to pressing it too late (again) and to my surprise, there was a different theme song all together. Different graphics. I didn't realize I was stuck in a squat to sit down with my mouth open and holding my breath until the theme song was over. I had to pause to get a grip. W00t!
Well let me back up and say that I enjoyed the First Contact homage. Why Zefram Cochrane would shoot the Vulcans is beyond me. If he'd just had a that moment with the alternate timeline that was the premise of First Contact, why would he shoot the Vulcans? Fast forward to the "dark" Enterprise, Captian Archer couldn't be evil if evil was bit him on the ass. He's still a "do-gooder" in the upside down universe.
Loved the costume changes. Instead of all legs like in TOS, we get all torso. I remember the Tholians and the Tholian Web. I consulted my Star Trek encyclopedia and WOW! They actually used the damned thing for once. I cracked a smile at the site of the TOS Enterprise. When they made this episode, they knew they were doing good.

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