Thursday, April 07, 2005

Who Backslides the Best

BBC Apologizes To Who Star

The BBC, which earlier reported that Doctor Who star Christopher Eccleston was leaving the show after the first season, issued an unusual apology to the actor for mischaracterizing his reasons for departing. The BBC said that it failed to consult Eccleston before confirming the actor's departure and that it erroneously attributed statements to the actor that he was leaving because he feared being typecast and found the show's schedule grueling.

In fact, the BBC reported, the network broke an agreement with Eccleston not to reveal that he had planned to film just one season of the hit show all along. "The BBC regrets not speaking to Christopher before it responded to the press questions on Wednesday 30 March," the BBC's head of drama and commissioning, Jane Tranter, said in a statement. "The BBC further regrets that it falsely attributed a statement to Christopher and apologizes to him."

The BBC has already ordered up a second season of the new Doctor Who, which is airing in the United Kingdom to record ratings. The BBC confirmed that it is in talks with actor David Tennant as a possible replacement for Eccleston.

*cough cough* Bullshit *cough cough*
Wow! They clean up better than Hollywood.

I'm still mad that Eccleston is leaving. I still think that "he feared being typecast and found the show's schedule grueling" but my anger is a compliment. This show is one of the best shows in awhile and he has a lot to do with that. That damned BBC had better break out some more money for this man. Don't replace him and end like Earth: Final Conflict. *shudders*

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Anonymous said...

Even though Chris is gone and replaced by David Tennant. You can rest easier when you know that so far, this has now been ten actors to portray the Doctor, and it has been going since 1963. A heck longer than the Star Trek franchise.