Tuesday, April 19, 2005

TrekUnited is refunding money

It's officially official that Enterprise is dead and the campaign is over.
TrekUnited Ends Fan-Fundraising, Looks Into Future

I was listening to the Slice of Scifi podcast and apparently some people where demanding to look at proof that Trek United was doing the things that they were claiming they did. Tim Brazeal said (in so many words) that all of this was happening because some ex-co-workers were jealous of his success and wanted to take him down. Also, he said that the SaveFarscape campaign was exposed for embezzling funds. I did not know this.

I guess they needed to address this. I'm a fan but I wasn't looking that hard. I didn't know that people were trash talking and these types of accusations were being throw about. I think it's a bad deal that as soon as fans ask for more info about the campaign that the campaign ends. I think the campaign was a success. It managed to gain the attention of everyone. I want to believe the guy was straight up but a lot of people are full of shit so there's a 50/50 chance.

With Star Trek and Star Wars about to end, I wonder if any show/movie will so engage the fans ever again? I'm betting on Dr. Who but then again I'm crazy.

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Anonymous said...

It was all on the up and up. I donated 1000,00.00 and got every dime back. They did not even hold out the 5% they stated and we all agreed they would. TrekUnited.com is still here as is Tim Brazeal.

You have to realize that when people try and do something positive, someone is always around that is jealous or just don't care for what is going on.

A shame actually. On another note. TrekUnited was checked out by not one, but two credible news sources and they were doing exactly what they said they were.

scifirantergirl said...

I didn't say that they were frauds, in fact I was all for what they were doing. It's just a shame how it all ended.