Monday, October 09, 2006

Harmony from Angel/Buffy in Playboy!

I'm surfing this morning and what do I find? Mercedes McNab has been talked in to doing Playboy. Let's face it, Mercedes McNab is SO a stripper's name, this is her destiny. Don't forget about Charisma Carpenter (Cordelia) who took it all off in 2004. Come to think of it, she has a stripper name too.

Truth be told, a lot of women think about what their Playboy spread (no pun intended) would look like IF and in a galaxy far, far away.... or is that just me? I could never do it. I think my family would go primitive and stone me to death or something.

Mercedes McNab's Playboy shoot - NSFW - TV Squad

Former Angel and Buffy star Mercedes McNab is the cover girl for the November issue of Playboy. Mercedes had a long recurring run on both Whedon shows as Harmony Kendall. Following the end of Angel she did the short film Miles From Home. She also has the horror film Hatchet in the can. You can find out more about that one at the movie's website. It looks fantastic, and seems to be getting a lot of good press.

Of course, Mercedes isn't the first Buffy alum to work for Playboy. Charisma Carpenter appeared in the June 2004 issue. It's a trend I would like to encourage. Maybe we can look forward to Clare Kramer in the May 2008 issue? Anyway, if you would like to see what all the hubbub is about, you will find the pictures right here. I have to stress that there is nudity, and they are not safe for work. Unless you work at a place that doesn't mind you surfing for pictures of boobs. If you do, that's a nice gig.

I'm totally straight but I did take a peek. Did you see those pics? *meow!* You do it Mercedes!

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