Thursday, October 26, 2006

I've Turned A Corner with BSG


Last week's episode of Battlestar Galactica made this whole New Caprica debacle all worth it. *bows to Ron Moore saying 'We are not worthy'*

I'm sure everyone understood my concerns. I felt the Pegusus story was rushed. I felt the New Caprica story was just plain sloppy. After being burned by Star Trek: Enterprise anyone should totally understand my anxiety when it comes to good franchises turning to squat. I'm still a bit scarred from that and the creation and cancellation of good Sci-Fi TV shows last season.

I voice my fears and dissatisfaction the same way I profess my love for shows. I don't mind being wrong but most of the time I'm right.
OK.... enough of that.

Something just wasn't "right" with the way the New Caprica story was handled. It has never sat right with me and made it hard to look forward to the new season of Battlestar Galactica. Given my reservations, I still went in there and watched.

Last week's Exodus Part II gave me the the geekgasm that I was yearning for. This is the episode that had the big pay off. I don't think it was a reward or a gift. It definitely demonstrated that the show hasn't lost it's edge. All of the seemingly sloppy loose ends and erratically introduced new story arcs came together and tied up in a nice, neat bow.

There were 5 major things that re-sold me on the show.

1) The death of Tigh's wife.
I cried. I still think that the ordering of her death and Tigh executing those orders were premature. I still think that the she could have been redeemed. She showed incredible loyalty to her husband and for that I think he should have protected her at all costs. I think he was wrong to succumb to peer pressure and murder her. I don't think that any of that was their call. Sure, soldiers died but they were being rescued the same day. I think she should have been taken to Galactica and tried. The Cylons put them in that situation and The Cylons killed those soldiers.

2) President Laura reclaiming her chair and office.
Damn that was sweet! That was the BEST part of the episode. I LOVE her character.

3)The ship scene!
You know which one. The one where the ship comes down in atmo and then jumps to hyper just in time to avoid crashing and killing those below. GOOSEBUMPS!!! There were a lot of space battle scenes that make me want to re-watch this episode.

4) Fake-Fat Lee Adama disobeying orders.
That boy is good for something. Sure he whines more than Luke Skywalker but he's just as triumphant too. Bravo!

5) The Tigh/Adama Reunion.
Tigh was just the drunk soldier before. Now he's the war torn, one-eyed, wife-murdering, second fiddle, broken, angry, tired, under-appreciated unsung hero. I LOVE the scene when Adama gets cheers and is lifted on everyone's shoulders and Tigh walks off quietly through the crowd. This doesn't go unnoticed by Adama and THAT was AWESOME. It was perfect and it was THE scene that restored my faith in the show.

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