Monday, October 09, 2006

"There's No Sequel" My Axx!

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“There’s no sequel, no secret project regarding Serenity or somesuch and I’m not even sure how anyone thought there was talk there,” wrote Whedon. “So let’s put that to bed and smother it with a pillow.”

What does that mean? Is Joss even speaking English here? That must be French or something. I think the guy is in denial about the Serenity sequel. I think he just wants our attention. We should send him a basket or something.

Angel came back from hell and the dead. Buffy was dead AND buried. River and Simon was pronounced dead. Is Wash “really” dead? You think smothering something with a pillow can really kill something in the Whedon universe? I don’t think that staking it, chopping the head off with a silver blade, dousing it in holy water and burying the body and the head facedown at the crossroads can kill it.

Unless he comes up with something equally good to divert our attention away from Firefly/ Serenity, he can hang up any chance of us comprehending no.

No means YES!!!

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