Thursday, October 19, 2006

No Govenator in Terminator 4

/FILM - Terminator 4 without Schwarzenegger

There's an "I'll Be Back" joke in there somewhere. Of course Arnold Schwarzenegger won't be in another Terminator. He's a self-respecting Repulican now. He's too good for us sci-fi geeks.
The film’s screenwriter has confirmed that the Governator won’t be involved in the new film.

"Terminator 3 kind of closed the book on Schwarzenegger, as did his gubernatorial career," Michael Ferris told Entertainment Weekly.

Previous reports suggest that T4 is being designed as the first in a trilogy that’ll tie in with the new spin-off television series, The Sarah Connor Chronicles. All Ferris will reveal is that "You will learn about Skynet and what that postapolyptic future is like."

The original plan was to introduce a totally new Terminator.

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