Tuesday, October 03, 2006

Hi-Tech Hookers

This is sooooo Second Life...

Gearlog : Fashion at Wired NextFest
An electronic shoe? What will they think of next. The Wired NextFest was all about the future and here it comes face to face with the oldest profession in the world. Yes, we're talking about sex. These shoes--The Aphrodite Project Platforms are meant to keep sex workers safe with a built-in GPS locater, a button that dials 911, and an alarm system. Of course it's not all practical--on the other side it also has a video screen that displays custom graphics--and even audio! The ultimate gift for the Silicon Alley prostitute in your life.

Speaking of love, also on display was the hug shirt. Long distance relationships can become a little easier to bear with these bluetooth enabled shirts--you can send a hug to your honey using a bluetooth enabled cell phone, just by hugging yourself.

Finally, a fashionable and functional accessory--the Suntrap Handbag. It started as a college project by a British student who was tired of fumbling for her keys all the time. She designed this purse which lights up when you zip it open so you can find your stuff quickly. The light comes from the bag's electroluminescent lining which is solar powered--you can also charge your cell phone, PDA and iPods via a USB port. That's definitely on my wish list as soon as she gets a distributor.

Well, that's all for now. Check out our pictures of the rest of the show including the Fogscreen which projects an image onto fog, the laser harp (a harp made of lasers), and more.

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