Thursday, October 05, 2006

Quick and Dirty Thoughts

I'm going to A.D.D you through my thoughts on the latest shows.

LOVED IT! Just when I thought there were no more angles on the plane crash, BAM!, they hit us with "The Others" perspective. It doesn't feel like a re-hash either. I'm totally interested in their view and approach to the plane crash. I can't believe how good this show is. It seems like this show could out do Babylon 5 in well-thought out arcs and plots.
ABC's 'Lost,' Wednesdays 9/8c

The best new show that you may not be watching. It's a cross between Angel and X-Files. It's witty like Buffy and feels a little like Smallville but really good in it's own way. If you like hot guys, there are two brothers that are a treat to look at. The dad isn't bad either... well .... that was before..... They also have a hot chick of the week for the fellas.
If you miss demon hunting, rituals and mystical beings, catch this show! ...and unlike Blade, it made it to it's second season. (oh yes! I'm going to drag the Blade thing on for awhile. I'm still pissed!)

The first episode concerned me a bit for some reason but the second episode sealed the deal for me. Hiro is my absolute favorite mainly because he is a Trekkie :) Most of the stories are intriguing... actually all of them are. It's super powers without being campy or too serious. The show really puts the "everyday" in the whole story. It's accessible without making you feel dirty for watching a sci-fi show.
Instead of "The Cigarette Smoking Man" looks like we have "The Eyeglasses Wearing Guy". He's growing out that mustache to twirl. Hopefully he doesn't muhahaha us too soon.
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Battlestar Galactica
The Story So Far.... (BSG Recap Show) was a great idea and refresher course in Battlestar Galactica. If you are thinking about jumping into BSG but don't feel like watching the last few seasons, this will bring you up to speed. Over the course of the show, I'd forgotten a lot of the things covered in this recap show. In all of the details of their lives I forgot that these people were looking for Earth. It got me curious again.... well... panicked. I've heard about how bad the original show was when the crew got to Earth. I'm wondering how our modern show would handle going/coming to Earth. Intriguing.
For now though, the story is so far from Earth that it's depressing. I eventually watched all of the webisodes on I must say that I've overcome my initial disappointment, resentment and reluctance to this coming season. The recap show calmed my disgruntled spirit and sparked my curiosity again. That and I trust Ron Moore a bit. I hope he doesn't "do us wrong".
SCIFI.COM | Battlestar Galactica

This little FBI crime drama that uses math to solve crime has been on for THREE, count them THREE seasons. AHH AHH AHH AHHHHHHH!!!!!!!
This show makes you feel smart just by watching it. I'm not sure if it has improved my IQ any but let's just say it does for the feel good factor of this entry. Charlie Eppes (Mr. Universe from Serenity - David Krumholtz), Don Eppes (Northern Exposure - Rob Morrow), Omar Epps (just kidding) and Alan Eppes (Judd Hirsch) make up the power house family of moderately cute men that help solve crime using math, FBI training and common freaking sense, respectively.
This show throws "It's math and I can't use it in my every day life" back in the faces of those under- achievers who've said this. This show also seems to have a math problem for EVERYTHING. There's even a website dedicated to explaining the problems on the show for you and of course it's called We All Us Math
If it seems like too much technobabble for you, the show is balanced by family issues like the death of their mother, Charlie's relationship/not relationship with a math chick, kidnapping and of course EXPLOSIONS. If you try hard enough, it's possible to totally ignore the math on the show.

Doctor Who
Oh... look... another show that made it to the second season. We have a new, new Doctor. He's not as hot as the old, new doctor but he'll do. If the beginning of the season seems slow and doesn't pull you in, wait it out, the season gets better. I think Doctor David Tennant is best when he's angry and goofy. I won't spoil anything but the devil episode is awesome. The Olympic episode is awesome too especially the torch scene. You'll love the Cybermen and the Daleks toward the end of the season.
BBC - Doctor Who - The Official Site

My DVR cut off the end of the Eureka finale so I'll come back with my thoughts on that later.

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