Tuesday, October 24, 2006

Lipstick Aliens #08 Battlestar, Heroes, LOST, Fashion and Trivia

Direct download: 008_lipstick_aliens.mp3

Direct download: 008_lipstick_aliens.mp3

Lynne confesses her not so secret phobia. Cat talks about her views on Battlestar and tells her dark secret of a TV series that is so scary that Lynne will not watch.Later we do drive-by reviews on the current line up of Sci-Fi television.

Listen to learn how to win a FREE copy of Singularity by Bill Desmedt.
Who will win this weeks trivia?!? Trivia supplied to the green girly aliens from the Computer King!

Science fiction, fashion and more!

-Battlestar Galactica



-My Super Ex-Girl Friend

This week we get more girly and discuss fashion from Chanel and Dior.

-John Galliano - LOTRish, Dune, Ancient/Futuristic Warrior Woman

-Dior/ John Galliano Video

-John Galliano For hi-res open in Internet Explorer
Click on >Live >Haute Couture> Fall/Winter 2006/2007 Catwalk

- Karl Lagerfield did a whole fashion show around a huge Mac iBook for Chanel.

- Chanel/ Karl Lagerfield Video

The business end of the show notes....

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