Friday, September 29, 2006


After spending a whole hell of a lot of time editing a Blade specific podcast, getting no sleep and pushing myself to the limit, I wake up to find out that Blade The TV Series has been cancelled. I'm pissed.

Blade Gets The Spike :
Spike TV confirmed to SCI FI Wire reports that its original series Blade has been canceled. "Yes, that's true," a Spike representative said in an interview on Sept. 29. "It won't be renewed for a second season. I can tell you that Spike TV was very happy with the creative part of Blade. The cast, the actual production. We absolutely enjoyed working with New Line and [ex ecutive producer] David Goyer, [writer] Geoff Johns. But honestly, the network was disappointed with the audience turnout and the ratings. But I can tell you that New Line is going to be issuing a DVD of the entire season." No date was announced for the DVD.

The statement confirmed rumors first posted by co-star Jill Wagner on her page, according to a report on the THEOcracy Web site. The post in which Wagner (Krista Starr) reports the news is only visible to Wagner's friends. The news was also reported on Ain't It Cool News.

The series was quietly put to sleep after the end of its first 13-episode season. The show was based on the Blade movies and the Marvel Comics character, with Kirk "Sticky" Jones playing the title character. Wagner played his counterpart, a former soldier who becomes a vampire but struggles to retain her humanity.
I'll get over it but let me tell you that the news burned. It's not a surprise but still...

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