Saturday, September 16, 2006

Matt Damon on Being Captian Kirk

TrekToday - Damon Says No One Has Asked Him To Do 'Trek XI'
Matt Damon claims to have heard nothing about the rumours that J.J. Abrams wants him to play Captain James T. Kirk in the upcoming eleventh Star Trek movie, and his publicist insists that Abrams was probably joking when he mentioned Damon's name as a possibility.

The IESB spoke to both Damon and his publicist at a press conference for The Departed in New York City, asking about a story that has been circulating for much of this year and which has come to the attention of the original Captain Kirk, William Shatner, who approves of the idea of Damon playing the character (story).

"Is there any truth to the rumor that J.J. Abrams has approached you to play James T. Kirk in the upcoming Star Trek movie?" the IESB asked Damon at the press conference, where Damon quickly said that he "hadn't heard anything about it."

Damon's publicist added that the story seemed to have come from a press junket Abrams had done for M:I-III, where he was asked about possible casting. "From my understanding it was one of those hypothetical questions actors always get about who they'd like to work with and JJ threw Matt's name out there," the publicist said. "But we've never heard anything on our end. I even called Endeavor, Matt's agency, to see if they had heard anything - they hadn't."

There is a god in heaven. (or some similar quote...)

Maybe this idea will go away.

Honestly, the idea may be growing on me. I've heard it enough times that I started to really give it some thought. Big Matt will probably be able to do a good Kirk impersonation. It's not hard and Matt Damon can be funny and serious if he wants to. I'm not 100% against it but I still think that Star Trek should move beyond Kirk William Shatner.

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