Sunday, September 24, 2006

Stargate vs Star Trek MMORPG

I was just sent a link informing me of a new Stargate MMORPG on the horizon. (Thanks Masque) I also got news that the creators of the Star Trek MMORPG are now able to play the game.

This is wonderful news. I was really excited about the Star Trek game but it's taking FOREVER to come out. Hopefully that means that they are taking their time and making it a quality game. I didn't think I'd be excited about a Stargate game but I am. Re-watching the series from the beginning is helping with that. The Matrix has a MMORPG but that wretched third movie turned me off to the entire franchise. There just no fixing that. I wanted to get into Star Wars Galaxies but I feel a bit intimidated going in. No getting thrown in the Rancor Pit for me.

So if they come out at the same time, which would your prefer? Star Trek or Stargate?

Which MMORPG do you like better?
Star Wars
The Matrix
Star Trek
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