Friday, September 29, 2006

Lipstick Aliens #05 BLADE! , Cale from Plot Pulse, Neverwinter Nights

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This show has significant Blade - The TV Series spoilers. We don't reveal much so you should take a listen anyway. We didn't know much about the Blade character so we found someone who could explain a few things to us. Introducing our new friend and cutie-pie Cale from We talk about Blade comic books, movies and the TV show. We also talk about Cale's online webcomic Plot Pulse. More Blade. Then Lynne and Cat end the show talking about the game Neverwinter Nights. Enjoy!

- Plot Pulse
- Blade on Spike
- Blade II
- Blade Trinity
- Blade Comic Books
- Neverwinter Nights

The business end of the show notes....

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