Wednesday, September 20, 2006

Podcast: Lipstick Aliens #04 Second Life, 7th Son, Lost, KLINGONS!!!

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Vote for your favorite topic in Show #4 at We talk about Second Life, the JC Hutchins "7th Son" Release Party in Second Life with the promo, Lipstick Aliens on Podcast Pickle Island, casino dancing, cyber prostitution, cyber sex, cyber birth, The Sarah Jane Adventures, naked man butt, Lost Secrets Revealed Online, short attention span Dharma, the Jesus Stick and the Jesus Shirt, favorite Lost characters, Stovokor and KLINGONS!!!


Second Life
Lynne's Second Life Avatar - Lynne Fairymeadow
Cat's Second Life Avatar - Trinity Hartunian

JC Hutchins Online Party
Podcast Pickle

The Sarah Jane Adventures

Lost Secrets Revealed Online ( video )


---Closing music by Stovokor ( For the Glory of Qo'noS )

The business end of the show notes....

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