Wednesday, September 13, 2006

Eureka a hit in iTunes

I've noticed that Eureka has 5 episodes in "Today's Top TV Episodes" in iTunes. That's more than Project Runway which has only 2 entries and gets a million viewers on actual TV. It's also more than Prison Break which has only 3 entries.

The shows that people are downloading are Blink, Right as Raynes, Before I Forget, Invincible and Dr. Nobel. Way to go Eureka! Looks like slow and steady growth!

I've been listening to the Eureka podcast and from what I've heard there will be a second season and a DVD is in the works. It will have a lot of cut scenes and excluded special effects. Also, I was beginning to get a little worried about the fate of my favorite new show because the executive producer and co-creator, Andrew Cosby, was going to produce a new show in 2007. Listening to the "Blink" podcast commentary it appears that someone will be filling his shoes if such turns out to be the case.

Of course none of this is confirmed, I'm just trying to put two and two together on my favorite show.

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