Sunday, September 24, 2006

Virtual Lampshade Hat

How do you manage to make an ass of yourself at a VIRTUAL party you ask?

You know that SciFi Ranter Girl always has the answer to every question, even that one. I had some technical difficulties with my avatar and my textures weren't mapping properly so I ended up walking around with "Missing" on my avatars upper body. It's the equivalent of seeing those exceeded bandwidth Photobucket errors.

As usual, I had NO clue. No one said anything. I think some people were afraid to say anything because of my long rant about people's rights to have a weird avatar in my last podcast. Here's how I looked to everyone else in the Virtual Cloning Chamber dancing like a zombie. (Dancing like a zombie is totally my doing) Click for the full pic and in the bottom left they call me "creepy". Jeez, I always need a chaperon! LOL!!

o thats creepy

I looked normal from my view. My snapshots even came out normal. I took picture with JC Hutchins. Look at how he's looking at me. Hilarious!

Here's another view of the party tent. I think that's Swoopy on my left. Click for a bigger view.

Why does this man have a gun? I think I scared someone. Look at Gary Leeland (P. Dilly) in the Pickle avatar! That's Lynne to my right. Click for a bigger view.

So if I ever meet you in Second Life and ask you how I look, I'm not flirting, I'm not vain, I just want to know if my avatar's texture is mapped properly. :)

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