Monday, September 18, 2006

I need a Blade expert...

...for my podcast, Lipstick Aliens.
If you are not familiar with the podcast, please check it out here

Try to give us a listen to get a feel for us. (Episode #2 is my favorite by far but they all are wonderful!)

I'd like for you to have read the comic books and know a bit of Blade history. MOST IMPORTANT!!!
You should have seen all three movies and be current on the TV series.

Being outspoken and passionate is a plus.

To get you started...

This Friday, September 22 at 4:30pm CST until around 6pm.
Here is a link to a tool that will help you determine your time. You can enter United States, Texas for me.

If these times are bad, give me some ideas so we can come up with something.

---Other Requirements---
If you use Skype, great! We'll call you using Skype. If not, please use a land line or a cell phone that doesn't drop out and has full batteries.

Please find a quiet, non-distracting place to record. It's frustrating to hear kids in the background or other people talking while we are recording.

Also, make sure you have a URL to give people so that they can visit your site and leave you a message.

Feel free to forward this to people who may be interested.

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