Tuesday, September 05, 2006

I'm a Podcaster!!!

I've finally entered the great land of podcasting. My new podcast is called Lipstick Aliens.

Of course it's about science fiction and it's quite funny. My co-host is Lynne from Sci-Fi News. We were going to wait awhile before we started promoting the show but we decided it was just too hilarious to hold back and thought it would be a crime against humanity not to share!

Our first episode deals with Snakes on a Plane, Stargate's 200th episode and Doctor Who. If you think I'm snarky on my blog, my podcast will be a sweet treat!

Our second episode is a gem. We were totally A.D.D and talked about superheroes, Star Trek's new movie and special effects, the Australian census, hobbits, Eureka.
We even have a poll going on to see if people leave action figures in the package or not. I have a strong opinion on that one.

My favorite is the Sci-Fi Half Breed Showdown. The Computer King with his INCREDIBLY HOT and MESMERIZING voice challenged us to determine who would win in a fight between Teyla, Spock, Doctor Who and B'Elanna Torres.

Lynne and I definitely have a strong chemistry and we get together to podcast we get so silly. I think it's fun to listen to and you will love us.

Now get your butts over to http://lipstickaliens.libsyn.com/ to check out the site and listen to the show!

We are also on iTunes. Lipstick Aliens on iTunes.

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