Saturday, February 05, 2005

Berman is holding out hope

Enterprise Won't Be Shopped

The more I read articles about this situation the more I think that Berman wants Star Trek to end on his terms and with him still in control. He is obviously tired of the franchise. There are plenty of people that could have this series kick ass and are willing to do so but B&B are playing politics and pissing games... I guess. How do I know? I don't. What I do sense is that the series was neglected and abandoned. The fans don't mean to attack B&B personally (some fans)..... *sigh*
you know what? This is horse is dead. I'm calling Nazi, evoking Godwin and ending this.

Rick Berman, executive producer of UPN's just-canceled Star Trek: Enterprise, told SCI FI Wire that Paramount is not shopping the series to another network in the hope that it will remain on the air past its anticipated May 13 series finale on UPN. The studio considered that option last year, when the fate of Enterprise hung in the balance, but UPN ultimately renewed the struggling series for a fourth and now last season.

"One of the greatest things that Paramount has offered us over the last 18 years has been the kinds of budgets that have allowed us to produce the show at the quality that it's been done," Berman said in an interview hours after the official announcement was made by UPN. "The budget that all of our Star Trek series have demanded are the kinds of budgets that would be prohibitive on cable. So as of now the powers-that-be seem to feel it's time to give the franchise a rest, and I think it's most likely a good idea."

Sources told SCI FI Wire that the show costs as much as $1.6 million per episode to produce, for which UPN paid about half. To win renewal last year, Paramount cut its fee to UPN, which resulted in some cost-cutting, which included shooting the series on high-definition digital video instead of film.

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