Thursday, February 10, 2005

Matrix Online BETA Stress Test

Last week The Matrix Online team coordinated with to give away keys for The Matrix Online Beta Stress Test. The test is scheduled to begin on February 7th and go through February 14th. The goal of the test is to really press hard on the game systems in order to make sure that they are ready to go when the product launches in spring 2005. Keys for the test began to be given away at 6PM Thursday February 3rd and they were all gone by 8AM on Saturday February 5th.
You can still be a part of this and get into the Beta Test for The Matrix Online by preordering the game at your local video game retailer. Check out for more details.

I'm not buying into this one. Enter The Matrix (XBOX) bored me to tears, I couldn't get past the driving portion and I couldn't play Neo, Trinity or Morpheus. Matrix: Revolutions disappointed me so that I can't get into anything The Matrix. I'm still trying to convince myself to re-watch Matrix: Revolutions. No luck.