Thursday, February 17, 2005

The first bisexual Russian Jew in space

In other words, Commander Susan Ivanova.
Check out this article on Claudia Christian from BellaOnline.

"Babylon 5" Star Claudia Christian Speaks
Christian does not consider herself a SciFi fan, but she has appeared at conventions where she frequently meets die-hard fans. “A nice fan made me a lovely quilt and matching pillows,” she recalls. “He pulled out a (plastic) gun and shot me in the kidney area. It not only smarted a little bit, it kind of scared me—your life flashes before your eyes. It could have been a real gun, I don’t know. He was a nice guy, he thought it was funny that I got a little freaked out by it, as you can imagine.”
WTF? Bro, that was just too much! C'Mon! Let me say now that this is NOT cool. Anyone else thinking about doing something like this for the actor you worship DON'T!!! Don't make them shit, don't write them poetry, don't talk to them, don't touch them, don't make jokes, don't write them letters, don't send them e-mail, in fact, don't try to save their show. While I agree that Christian was right in feeling freaked out, generally actors don't appreciate any fan love. They don't care and they most likely don't like us. Pulling fake guns on them only reinforces that.

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