Monday, February 28, 2005

Save The Memory of Shadows

Here's a thought.

If the Enterprise campaign fails to actually "Save Enterprise" instead of giving the money back to the donors take a poll to see how many of the people would opt to donate the funds to J. Michael Straczynski for "The Memory of Shadows".

The latest news is that Babylon 5: The Memory of Shadows is dead. J. Michael Straczynski was willing to go to bat for us and save Enterprise, why can't we got to bat for him and save Babylon 5? In my opinion, he has always received the short end of the stick with his show. The show was phenomenal! Not only will we get a better story, JMS is very hands on with the fans and he may welcome fan input.

Remember this?
Straczynski Wants To Reboot Trek
Although the studio originally passed on the treatment due to "political considerations," Straczynski feels that they might reconsider if they knew that fans were eager for such an idea. "I'm taking the unusual step of going right to the source ... right to you guys," Straczynski said in the message. "Fueled in part by a number of recent articles and polls, including one at in which nearly 18,000 fans voted their preference for a new Trek series, and 48 percent of that figure called for a [J. Michael Straczynski] take on Trek."

People know who the guy is. He knows his audience. I don't think that money should be wasted to save something that the people who are running it want to die or let rest for awhile just because it's most popular. How about saving something that wants to be saved? How about saving something that we don't have to wait three seasons just to get interesting?

Maybe instead of hiring big studio names, JMS can attract attention by being the first writer/producer to have donated fan involvement. Hell, I sew. Need costuming? There's a donation. It's a chance for a first and I'm pretty sure some suit somewhere could make this work. Money for good programming is tight these days. People are going to have to be more creative with gathering funds for the projects they want to see. If we want to see good shows we can't be bound to traditional "showbiz" routes and safe political methods.

Fan involvement doesn't come without fan requests. So of course I have some. I have two simple conditions though. They're not big. They're reasonable.
1) He has to promise that no one will ever virtually punch a ship as a cute alternative to firing weapons. (Legend of the Rangers)
2) Marcus returns. I don't care how it's done, prequel or whatever but Jason Carter as Ranger Marcus Cole comes back.

I'm not saying that Enterprise is a lost cause. I am saying that helping JMS would get more bang for the buck.

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