Wednesday, February 09, 2005

Enterprise Decision 2005: Straczynski Gets My Vote

SciFi Wire has an Enterprise vote this week.

Enterprise is done. What new Star Trek do you want?
One in the 23rd century? 6%
One in the 24th century? 21%
One in Starfleet Academy? 15%
One with new characters? 9%
One by J. Michael Straczynski? 49% <------ My vote!!!
Total Votes: 11,264

That would reach a level of rockdom that no Star Trek has every reached before.

Not long ago SciFi Wire released an article that Straczynski pitched an idea for a new Star Trek series. I can hope can I? But I know that this would make Star Trek watchable and even get some ratings. Since everyone is all about catchphrases like "franchise fatigue", I doubt this will happen. I want it to happen. It needs to happen. I just finished a personal B5 marathon and I want another go at it. :D

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