Saturday, February 12, 2005

Geek Discrimination

Dorkstorm: The Annihilation

I've often wondered why people hate geeks, nerds, etc. I wonder why people get so annoyed at people who want to have a good time doing silly things. Why is dressing up like Darth Vader so frowned upon? Who set the standard for the Star Trek freak who lives in mom's basement? People wanna LARP? They're not hurting anyone, let them do their thing. People wanna collect comic books? so what? Dress like a vampire? Who cares?

The Wave Mag published an article about The Ten Geekiest Hobbies. It also went as far to show the percentage of damage each hobby has on public acceptance and sex life. I know this article was meant to be humorous but I often wonder about why sci-fi/fantasy fans are ridiculed.

What's that quote from Stovokor?
"When reality stops being so lame, we'll stop doing this".

Life is stressful. "Geeky" people usually have taken care of the "normal" everyday life things and want something to do to relax that they enjoy. Of course it would be un-American for me to say that getting laid everyday and the pursuit thereof gets old after awhile.
What is else is there to do?
Raise children?
Go to church?
Spend time with family?
Work a job I hate?
Go to a sports game?
Day trade?
Shop at the mall?
There is nothing wrong with these thing but what else do un-geeky people do that is so great? What is so wrong with a little imagination and fantasy? Why are so many people worried about what others do with their OWN time? They should be grateful that some of these people have geeky hobbies. Perhaps this keeps down murder, theft, insanity. People should embrace roleplaying games. Maybe if the Enron geeks would have been LARPing, they wouldn't have screwed "normal" people with "normal" lives with JEDI LP, Kenobe Inc., Obi-1 Holdings LLC and Chewco Investments LP. Perhaps it was geeky revenge. The next time you see that neighbor in a Renaissance costume, perhaps you should ask them if they need a sword to go with that.
Happy geeks = good.
Tortured geeks = Enron.

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