Tuesday, July 04, 2006

Blade: Low- Down, Gritty and Grimy

This show reminds me of how Mutant X began.

Let me back up. First off, our main character is Sticky Fingaz from the rap group Onyx. They had a hit record called "Bacdafucup" in 1993. If you were lucky enough to be a fan of this album, you will also know that that the role of Blade is perfect for Kirk "Sticky" Jones.

I can't wait for Sticky to move out of Wesley Snipes shadow and become his own Blade. Wesley had a dead pan humor thing going on. Our new Blade is just cranky and serious but will most likely grow into his own.

The set up for the pilot is mediocre. I will give it its first season before I get too impatient or bored with it. I watched the entire run of Earth: Final Conflict so I can give Blade: The Series a chance.

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