Monday, July 17, 2006

What Annoys Me About Doctor Who

The second (or 28th) season of Doctor Who is over.

Rose is being replaced and there was no Captain Jack in sight.

That's not what upsets me though. The Daleks and Cybermen can travel through dimensions, time and space. Why can't the Time Lords. With a entire race and planet of people called the "Time Lords". It seems like they should have found a way to.... I don't know.... stay alive. The Daleks have managed to come back not once but several times throughout these past few years. How is it possible that the Daleks figured out how to travel through time AND replicate and the "Time Lords" are extinct save the Doctor?

...and why doesn't he travel back to his own planet? I'm sure there's some bullshit rule but not even to visit. To just blend in and not change anything? I think it's time for more back story and less planet of the week.

I want more.

...and where the hell is Torchwood?!?!?!?!?!???!!????

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