Friday, July 28, 2006

Us Murderin' Star Trek Fans

I don't know of any case of a Star Trek fan killing anyone. You might wish you were dead if you put out garbage like Enterprise. Give us what we want and no one will get hurt.

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TokyoPop editor Luis Reyes is working on the first sanctioned Star Trek manga, “Shinsei Shinsei,” and says he’s worried that TOS purists won’t approve of highly stylized interpretations of the famous characters.

“I’m a fan,” Reyes said at Comic-Con, but the manga-ka was warned by Star Trek executives, “Those fans will kill you.”

CBS Consumer Products Executive Paula Block is said to have helped keep the fresh manga in line with fan expectations, insisting that Reyes eliminate beads of sweat drawn on Captain Kirk.

“It’s okay with Scotty, but Kirk wouldn’t have freaked out like that.”

Block was party to a panel discussion titled Star Trek: Year 41 and Counting. “Contrary to some people’s opinions, Star Trek isn’t dead,” she proclaimed. Speaking about Bethesda’s upcoming games, Block said, “If you just want a good starship shoot-em-up you get Star Trek: Battlesations; if you want a good story you can have Star Trek: Legacy.”

Block also mentioned that CBS Paramount shall handle all licensing for Star Trek XI.

See the Video Business report from Comic-Con 2006.

Pre-order Star Trek: The Manga - Shinsei Shinsei now for September delivery in the U.S.A., Canada, United Kingdom, and Deutschland.

We are used to Kirk sweating. The guy has sweats so much that he takes his shirt off or other people rip it off for him. These people are missing the point. We don't give a rat's ass whether Kirk sweats or not. We care about a smart and intriguing story that is written well.

...and for god sakes actually use the Star Trek Encyclopedia for once.


Anonymous said...

I'm very much looking forward to it.. I am a Sci-fi nut & an avid fan of manga... You have a good point though; keep to the true star trek canon (they could even stay true enough with a rough guide like

Good to see a Sci-fi dedicated blog (you know I found this through google when I typed in "Shinsei Shinsei", which is I believe the name of the new ST manga).

Keep up the good work d-_-b

scifirantergirl said...

Thank you! Thank you! I'm glad you found me!

Anonymous said...

Heard the news about Star Trek XI movie?

I have faith in Rick Berman.. he'll do a wicked job.

Also, I'm hanging out for Star Trek Online :-
It'll be time to retire my World of Warcraft account when this gets released!

Have a good one d-_-b