Monday, July 17, 2006

John "Crichton" Galliano and More Geeky Fashion

John "Crichton" Galliano
John "Crichton" Galliano,
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I keep up with fashion a bit. I got sent a link to about the latest Christian Dior fashion show. These gowns are beautiful. They would look AWESOME in a sci-fi/fantasy story like Dune. I get through the slide show and it's none other than John Galliano dress in an astronaut suit. How perfect? I'm a sci-fi geek who loves fashion but it also looks as if fashion loves sci-fi geeks.

I'm also excited because Karl Lagerfield just did a show that used a huge Mac laptop as a backdrop to his fashion show. After it was over, all of the models stood on the keyboard. It was lovely.

More down to earth, Project Runway's Diana Eng just send out a massive email letting everyone know that her online store is open. Right now, in her store Black Box Nation, she has jewelry for sale made out of fuses and reed switches. They are cute!

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