Monday, July 17, 2006

SciFriday: YAWN!!!

The mistake was not having a full SciFriday that included Battlestar Galactica. I wasn't excited about SciFriday at all. I TiVoed it. (actually I use SnapStream's Beyond TV).

I don't get the Ori.

I guess these are spoilers. If you didn't watch this past SciFriday, you may not want to read but it was so disappointing that you shouldn't bother with protecting yourself from spoilers.

Well... I get it but I don't care about it. The appeal of Stargate used to be that it was historical with the used of Ancient Egypt, it was futuristic because of the Gate and the new technology and it was adventurous because of the new and different planets. I want more exploration and wonder. I like it when things get blown up but I also like new, fresh stories. I'm bored with the Ori and they are being forced on me. This latest BORING plot device where the baby has accelerated growth wanted to make me gnaw my own arm off and I wasn't even handcuffed to anything. Everyone getting saved in the nick of time is a bit too much as well. When they couldn't find Daniel for awhile, I totally expected him to turn up naked on the ship saying he'd been ascended and descended again. They should do that more often. Naked Michael Shanks is good.

As far as Atlantis goes, Trip Tucker Wraith betrayed all of the other wraith to help the Atlantis team and some how this ends up to be a two- parter.

Maybe I wasn't in a good mood that day. I usually like The Gates. This week just bored the hell out of me. I hope I'm not outgrowing it. That would be sad.

On the other hand, I can't wait to see Eureka. Joe Morton from Terminator will be in this show!!!! He's always fun. I want to see a movie with him, Bruce Campbell, Jeffrey Combs and Michael Ironside. That would be a really good movie!!!!

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