Monday, July 24, 2006

More Babylon 5?!?!?!??

Sci-Fi Storm | More Babylon 5 coming!
Reports are coming in from the sessions at San Diego Comic Con, and per some newsgroup posts, JMS has announced a few things. WB has asked him to do something with the Babylon 5 franchise, so its been agreed to do something of an anthology series of mini-movies, likely direct-to-DVD but with a network also interested. They will be based on stories that never made it in to the series, but notes have been since been found. In addition: The Rising Stars comic is in development as a series with Sam Raimi; Midnight Nation is being bid on for a movie; Dream Police was pitched to a big studio, and negotiations for JMS to write it are in progress; and a Touchstone series pilot called Borrowed Lives is in the script stage.
I SO hope this is true this time!!!

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