Wednesday, October 03, 2007

Are You Watching Chuck?

Is anyone watching NBC's Chuck? I caught the end of it before Heroes and I wasn't drawn in. I know that Adam Baldwin from Firefly and The X-Files is in the show. I kinda want to watch for that reason alone.

I'm amused that Chuck works for a Geek Squad knock off but my interest ends there. What is the catch of this show? How similar is it to Jake 2.0?

See the results for last week's poll here:
What will you be watching?

Heroes came in first place, followed by BSG: Razor. Other high scores were for Bionic Woman, Journeyman, Pushing Daisies and Reaper. The losers are Ghost Hunters, Ghost Whisperer, Blood Ties and Numb3rs.


spellwight said...

I'm going to continue to record and watch it. Okay, its not deep geeking like Lost and Heroes, but it is a cute little sit-com and that's enough sometimes.


Joe said...

For me, it is something to watch before Heroes. I'm not terribly impressed by it and I think it will quickly run out of steam. It's very Jake 2.0, being he's the unwitting recipient of a technological interface. It has much lower believability than J2.0. I can buy Nanobots more than I can buy that his brain is able to extrapolate knowledge from from data encrypted into images. That's what the computer that originally stored the images was able to do. How did it get downloaded into his head? It just doesn't fly for me.

I much more prefer Joyrneyman but I fear it will run out of steam quickly as well. Part of its attraction is the air of mystery. The audience, and characters, will eventually get used to how everything works and it will start to lose its shiny. It's probably good for at least a couple of seasons if they do it right, though.

scifirantergirl said...

@spellwight: that's the thing with me, I don't really get into sitcoms. Not much on comedies either.

@bubby: I totally agree about Journeyman but I'm going to enjoy Kevin McKidd while it lasts. I'm counting down the days until he takes his shirt off. Yes I know... I'm sad. LOL! ;)

AllMediaReviews said...

I like this show a fair amount. It has somewhat of a preposterous premise, but I think the writing is a bit more clever than Jake 2.0. More humor to it, and it's worth viewing just for the blonde (fake) gf and Sarah Lancaster. I miss WHAT ABOUT BRIAN, so seeing her on a new show is the next best thing.