Wednesday, October 10, 2007

I Think It's Peter Petrelli

On Heroes, one of the heroes are killing off the others. I think it's Peter Peter Petrelli. He's gone dark. He doesn't want to open the box that tells him who he is. He's part of an Irish gang now. He's the only one that can dive off of building (death of Sulu) and invisibly strangle someone (Grandma Petrelli). Plus, the tattoo and which is the same marks on the photos is all him. I also think he is Molly's big bad. I don't really like this because I like Peter as a good guy.


Jabberwocky said...

I have to say that I don't think that its Peter, true that he can do all though things but there are Heroes that we have yet to see, I also don't think that its a single hero that this killing off the remaining original members of the Company. I think what is going on is a final power struggle. But then only time will tell.

scifirantergirl said...

Ok... it's either Peter or Kensei. :P

kevbayer said...

Hadn't thought of that.
I don't think it's Peter, but that would be a great twist! It would kinda have to be a "future" Peter though, using Hiro's abilities to bounce around time and space. Want an interesting twist that would make to the story.
Maybe "now" Peter finds out it's him, and has to go stop himself?!

sg1fanatic said...

I think peter is too obvious to be the killer.

ive been trying to list all of the "company" members.

Grandma petrelli(dead)
linderman (dead)
Hiros dad?? (dead)
Claires dad HRG (soon to be dead?)

who am i missing?? pleaze let me know.

Oh and Hiros dad new about the symbol on the picture for a really long time so eliminate all the young heros.

scifirantergirl said...

@kev: peter having to stop his future/past self is an awesome idea.

@luvstarg8sg_1: You forgot Invisible Pigeon Man (Christopher Eccleston), the Hatian and now the Midas touch guy. I can't think of anyone else.