Friday, October 12, 2007

Top 5 Most Fashionable Science Fiction TV Shows

This list includes current shows that are still airing. This list does not refer to costuming but stylish modern clothing.

[5] Lost
Not because of the ratty clothes they wear on the island but the clothes in the flash backs. I knew that the stylist of Lost paid attention to fashion when I recognized a Catherine Malandrino dress on Sun.

[4] Smallville
It's all about Chloe; from her hair to her personal style. She always looks awesome. She can go from youthful casual to news office preppy and still look chic.

[3] Eureka
Allison and Nathan always look fantastic. Nathan's suits drape off of his body like a dream. Allison always looks classy. Sometimes she goes power suit, sometimes she goes business casual. She is at her best when she's in a flirty dress. Chloe has a unique youthful style. Her first season was a little rough around the edges because they let her dress herself. I can tell that someone has put their foot down.

[2] The 4400
The hair in The 4400 is amazing. I will go as far to say that 4400 has the best hair in science fiction. Diana's sister, April went from being a tragic proto- goth to a fabulous bird. I'm still drooling over the outfit in her last appearance. Though I didn't like the character, Alana always had on something funky and urban. Kyle's imaginary friend, Cassie has a great artsy, coffee house thing going on. They even brought in a new girl to give the geek boys fashion tips!

[1] Heroes
Two words: Grandma Petrelli. I've had such a fashion crush on her every since I saw her in her Burberry jacket. Nothing gets me all aflutter like Burberry. She always has on a diva mink collared/cuffed coat. When I grow up, I want to be as stylish as Angela Petrelli.

Honorable Mentions:
Charmed; The stylist on this show took risks. Some of them were wild but for the most part the Charmed Ones looked really great.
Buffy; The first couple of season were HORRIFIC! In the later seasons, Sarah Michelle Gellar became a bit of a fashion icon. She is still seen at fashion events. (Go back to blonde!)
Star Trek: The Original Series; Even though this is a costumed drama, Star Trek inspired me to learn how to sew.

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