Wednesday, October 17, 2007

Eureka: A Night In Global Dynamics

Last week on Eureka, there was a voracious metal eating bacteria that attacked all of the towns structures. That crisis was averted only for the town go into chaos again. Henry Deacon tells Sheriff Jack Carter that the metal eating bacteria has starting attacking the iron in humans. He says that it will be a matter of hours before everyone in the town is suffering from the effects. Alarms start to go off all over the Global Dynamics building. The main office that Henry, Beverly, Allison and Kevin are in plummets to a secure subsection of the building. Nathan Stark is made acting director of Global Dynamics. It is bitter sweet because if he doesn't evacuate everyone from the building, they all will be subject to "thermal cleaning". It's a type of security "feature" that kills all organic matter and sounds like a metric buttload of fun.

Henry and Beverly confront Allison and tell her that she has to let them help Kevin. Allison is like, "Yeah right!" Kevin is like, "Totally not!" Henry is really scary in this scene. He starts to yell about taking Kevin away. I don't like him and I'm bothered by it. Beverly starts to babble about the Akashic Field. Because Kevin has been inhabited by the artifact, she says that he has tapped into the same stuff as DaVinci, Tesla and Einstein. She also says that she and Henry want to take Kevin to a "consortium of people" that will protect him from being a government lab rat. This is the same lady that is responsible for Henry's girlfriend's death, spying on citizens and she's fresh out of GITMO. How does she imagine that she's credible? The geeky money shot of this episode is the subatomic reconstructive transport - a teleporter. Bev gets her panties in a twist because the technology was banned by the Stockholm Treaty. Allison says that it was built before that but never disassembled. Henry says he is going to use the tech to get Kevin out of the facility.

While all of this heady stuff is going on in the office now bunker, Jack, Nathan and Taggart are trying to rescue Allison and Kevin. Hazmat suits were torn and wise cracks ensued. The building even went HAL on everyone. It shot at them, mimicked personnel and tried to microwave them. There was even a moment where the group thought there were zombies in the building!

Henry reveals that a byproduct of using the teleporter is that it filters out contaminates and illnesses. The machine needs to use an old DNA profile of Kevin's. It needs to know his biological configuration before he was inhabited by the artifact in order to restore him to his normal state. Read: human reset button. All of this information was beginning to be too much for Allison so she starts a cat fight with Beverly. (The second cat fight this season might I add.) Kevin has a talk with Henry then Kevin tells Allison to stop her hair pulling and listen to Henry. Now all of a sudden, Kevin wants Henry's help.

Stark and Jack get to the morgue and look at the contaminated body that Henry showed as evidence that the metal bacteria had started attacking humans. Stark took one look at it and told Jack that the corpse had been mutilated by acid. There is no contaminate in the building. This whole incident was faked by Henry. This knowledge doesn't help them because the building is still trying to kill them. Fargo eventually finds a way to hack the building and save the day.

Henry set Kevin up to perform the procedure but Beverley wants to stop him. She says this is the closest that anyone has been to the Akashic Field in years. Doing the procedure on Kevin will destroy it. She pulls a weapon but Jack gets there in time to stop her. Nathan tells Henry to stop the procedure because Henry doesn't have the correct DNA profile on Kevin. They get the correct profile and Kevin is restored. It is still unsure if he is still autistic but he doesn't have powers anymore. Beverly used teleporter to get away. Henry turns himself into the authorities.

...OH!!!! ...and Nathan proposes to Allison!

The good: The artifact story is wrapped up. The humor and timing of this show is always perfect. When these actors get together it's like magic.

The bad: Kevin and his story does nothing for me. His character doesn't fit and this was a perfect opportunity to kill him off or make him go away. The Artifact and the Akashic Field was a little too hippie for me. There was a mystery to it but when it was put in Kevin, I didn't get it anymore. It's a scientific show and there just seem to be problems with the mysterious Artifact plot. It seems like the writers tried to do a good job with what they were give but something went wrong somewhere.

The ugly: I hate how Henry was handled. It feels like he was written into a corner. I thought Kim's death was supposed to make him an interesting character. Instead of moving on, he went really dark and has put several people's lives in danger because of his pain. I don't like how irresponsible and unstable they made him. He went from a very fun absent minded professor to a mad scientist. Joe Morton is an important part of this show for me. The "Henry" character started out as such a great role model. Now he's in jail and I don't know what they are going to do to his character to make him fun again. :(

I wonder what next season is going to be like? I can't wait!

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