Friday, October 05, 2007

Captains Don't Get Star Named After Them?

According to SciFi Wire, George Takei shares a name with a star out in the final frontier. I'm sure there's a "good- natured" gay joke out there for this but I don't have one on tap. I found it interesting that Gene Roddenberry has an asteroid named after him. Of course he should get a planet or a solar system. Nichelle Nichols also has an asteriod. Where's Captain Sisko's asteroid? Jean Luc Picard?

Takei 'Delighted' At Asteroid Honor


Sheldon said...

Hey SFRGirl,
Totally, on the scale of the cosmos it's a little off scale. Perhaps Shat will get a planet named after him? they discover those from time to time. hehe

Hey, would you be interested in having a rant about my show proposal Barrier?


scifirantergirl said...

What is it about? So you have a website URL?