Monday, October 08, 2007

New Star Trek Movie is an Old Star Trek Episode

Trek 'Menagerie' Screens Nationally
A remastered version of the original two-part Star Trek episode "The Menagerie" will screen in select movie theaters around the country in a one-night event on Nov. 13.

Digitally remastered in high definition, with Cinema Surround Sound, the episodes will be screened along with an introduction from Trek creator Gene Roddenberry's son, Eugene "Rod" Roddenberry, as well as with a behind-the-scenes look at how the episodes were remastered and a new 30-minute in-theater featurette. The episodes will feature new computer-generated visual effects and an orchestral re-recording of the show's theme music.

The screening will be presented by NCM Fathom, CBS Home Entertainment and at 7:30 p.m. local time in nearly 300 participating AMC, Cinemark, Georgia Theatre Co. and Regal Entertainment Group movie theaters.

Tickets for the screenings are on sale now for $12.50 at theater box offices or online at

w00t! It's playing in a theater near me!

"The Menagerie" is the two part episode featuring Captain Christopher Pike. In this adventure, Spock gets court-martialed for hijacking the Enterprise. It's an intriguing story because logical and loyal Spock is not behaving like himself. He also is saying much that makes sense. This story uses a bunch of flashbacks from the un-aired Pilot episode of Star Trek. I loved this story and they have my favorite character the green Orion Slave Girl in this movie!!! GIRLIE SQUEALTM!!! :P

Rod Roddenbery will do an intro to the movie. We will also get to see some extras on how everything was made. I can't wait!

Is more promotion for the new movie? Will the new movie use elements from this plot? Will the buzz get me so excited that I will wear a Star Trek uniform while standing in line?

I'm really impressed with all that is being done to breathe life back into the franchise. The real question is will Star Trek be reborn a phoenix or a zombie?

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Paul Weimer said...

Its promotion for the remastered DVDs, I think.

I do intend to see it. Orion Slave girl, baby! ;)