Monday, October 29, 2007

Heroes: The Line

Monica Dawson is taken to the company. Bob Goldfinger wants to test a new Shanti virus on her. It will take away her powers. Mohinder refuses to give her the shot. While making his case, Mohinder notices a file for Adam Monroe. Bob apologizes. Monica is released and sent home. She is escorted by Bob and he gives her the tools she would need to help her community.

HRG and The Hatian interrogates a man for information on the 7 paintings. They torture him by taking memories out of his head. He cooperates but still is shot in the face for his time. I hate that they are making HRG bad again. I still have a soft spot for him.

Claire needs to be on the cheerleading squad to maintain her lie to her dad. Debbie, a Cordellia Chase type, isn't feeling Claire and won't let her in. Claire and West set up a flying/ death scene that freaks a drunk Debbie out. Debbie tells the cops about a flying masked man and a dead Claire. Clair walks up alive and kicking on the crime scene. Debbie is suspended and Claire is let on the squad. Like father, like daughter.

Alejandro wants to leave Sylar behind. Maya think he is a gift from God. They drive to the American/Mexican border, take out some border patrol and are now in America. God bless us.

During a battle Hiro stops time and pops up in an empty field. Yaeko figures out that Hiro was the Kensei that she fell in love with. The real Kensei see them kiss. Hiro figures out that it was the kiss that fractured time. Kensei betrays Hiro and joins forces with White Beard.

The barkeep is dead. Peter and his girlfriend go to Montreal and discover that Adam Monroe was expecting them. Who is this Adam Monroe. We, as the audience, haven't met him. Peter says a "who am I prayer" and teleports himself to a year from now. New York is destroyed... again.

I was really into this episode until the NY gets destroyed part at the end. Please don't make this entire season about saving NY again. I want something different. NY has been destroyed so many times. Enough already. Other than that? Kick ass.

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