Sunday, October 21, 2007

Heroes Starts Slow and Diluted?

It pains me to say that but it's true. I haven't posted on Heroes since the premiere so I'm going to play a little catch up.

I knew we were getting one new hero. There was a big deal in the media about the introduction of Maya. Her brother and their "wonder twins" power was a surprise and a very nice touch. I was fine with those new heroes but I wasn't prepared for the introduction of Monica Dawson. She's Micah's cousin and grand daughter of Nana Dawson (Nichelle Nichols). I really like her power because I can personally relate to it more but I'm getting new hero fatigue. We still have other stories with our other heroes that are getting cold.

Micah, Nana, Monica:
Introduce black characters and put them in New Orleans so you can mention Hurricane Katrina. *yawn* Yay for Nichelle Nichols, it's great seeing her! Micah has resorted to using his powers for bad... again. He steals money, he rigs elections and now he's stealing cable... for wrestling of all things!!! He needs a positive role model now! Monica is perky and annoying at first but she learns Kung Fu faster than Neo.

Maya and Alejandro...Sylar too:
Introduce brown characters and have them killing people and illegally crossing the border. *yawn again* If it weren't for her brother being able to balance out her power, I would be extremely bored with this story. This story moves really, r e a l l y slow. If Sylar weren't thrown into their story, it would have been tedious to watch.
Can Sylar steal powers anymore? After his last attempt at "getting it up" failed, how is he going to get their power? Will it work for one person? This story is getting hot.

Matt, Molly, Mohinder:
Is Matt and Mohinder a couple now? They feel couple-ish. We learn that he is living with Mohinder and Molly because his ex-wife was pregnant with another man's child. Nice way to throw away a character. What did her character do anyway? She whined a lot but she was cute. Molly and Matt have a chemistry and it's good they put them together. She really likes Mohinder and he really wears the skirt in the relationship. They all get their hands on a picture of the Power Heroes. In the picture is Linderman, Nakamura, Petrelli and Matt's father. Molly has a hissy fit and tells Matt the bad man of her nightmares is his father. Molly locates his father with her mind and then goes into a coma. It was intense. Matt's story is full of surprises.

Nathan and Grandma Petrelli:
Nathan has been boozing since Peter's "death". Thank goodness he cut off the Osama Bin Laden beard because that thing was beginning to creep me out. After Grandma Petrelli's attack she realizes that Matt can read her mind. She confesses to killing Daddy Nakamura and attacking herself at the station. It is a lie. She mentally tells Matt that she's doing it for all of the heroes' protection. We still don't know what her power is!!! Maybe she's a Hero Detector.

Claire, HRG, West:
Claire's new boyfriend caught her cutting off her toe and growing it back. She reveals that she is a freak, he tells her to STFU and sings "Come fly with me". Not really but now they both know about each other's powers. I still suspect they may be related or at least he's related to Peter. Claire sees marks on his neck. He tells her that he was kidnapped and marked by a man in Horned Rimmed Glasses. Just when we started to like HRG, he's going to go bad again. According to a painting found by Mohinder, HRG will be shot and Claire will be kissing a boy afterwards. He's scared shirtless and is adamant about her not seeing any boys. Claire keeps West and Daddy a secret from each other. That's a situation that's going to explode.
The latest episode puts The Hatian back in play. He's feeling better after being cured and is ready to go off with HRG to do some crimes.

Hiro, Takezo Kensei and Princess Lako:
Takezo is stepping up to the plate now that he realizes that he is invincible. The word on the net is that he is Claire's distant relative and that powers run in families. Hiro was supposed to leave 17th century Japan but is falling for Princess Lako. I'm not sure how this is going to turn out but someone (Hiro) will get his feelings hurt.

Peter Petrelli and his Irish Gang:
I'm bored with Peter's amnesia. I want to get to the reunited- and- it- feels- so- good part. This story is taking too long to unfold and I'm not getting it. I want to see some thrilling heroics.

There is too much going on this season and everything is moving too slow. That should be impossible. I still love the show but I find my self looking at the clock during the episodes.


kevbayer said...

Great rapid recap!
I agree with much of what you said.
The wonder twins are boring (but she has a great smile on the rare occasion we get to see it between tears). I wonder how Sylar could integrate both powers and use them?

I've never liked the Niki story line. Micah is kind of cool, but he needs to start actually doing something, or his story will become boring (more boring?).

I really like Momma Petrelli, even if she is evil or at least misunderstood.

I like your line about Mohinder and the skirt - made me laugh!

HRG hasn't learned his lesson about keeping secrets from his family. I think they'd be behind his mission 100%.

West creeps me out.

"New" Peter seems to have better control over his powers, even if he doesn't know it. Maybe not remembering all his familial "baggage" has enabled him to maintain better control.

I still like Hiro's story line. Takezo or whatever his name is amusing.

I think all these story lines will again come together in some way. Hopefully better than they did last season.

scifirantergirl said...

I agree. All the story lines will come together and I'll be falling all over myself with praise. LOL!

sg1fanatic said...

Thanks for the good catch up.

Claires new boyfriend had better be a branch of the Petrelli family tree or else shame on the writers for reusing powers.

Also the blonde in the picture could be the newest hero (to be shown this monday) since we couldnt see either of the kissing peoples faces. It was easier to know it was clair last season because the cheerleader outfit( I Sooooooo miss it haha)

scifirantergirl said...

@sg1fanatic: good catch on Kristin Bell being the blonde in the painting! I like that idea better than Clair killing HRG. I hope he isn't really going to die because I still like him. He has a certain nerdy hotness to him.