Sunday, December 09, 2007

Darth Vader Wii for $15K

Engadget reported that Technabob reported that some guy is selling a Darth Vader Wii on eBay for $15000. :)

Dude claims:
Originally designed and built to promote the release of LucasArts "Unleash the Force" game, on the Wii in Spring 2008. Only 4 of these were produced. I have 2, and will be selling this one to one lucky buyer before Christmas.
... it even includes"2 Black Nunchuk".

Note that the guy doesn't show an actual picture of the unit. He says it was used in a The Force Unleashed promo deal. I'm surprised the guy didn't say the thing had actual George Lucas epithelium on it. The upcoming Force Unleashed game is girlie squeal-able but this guy is crazy. If someone actually bids on this, I will personally hunt them down and smack them.

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