Wednesday, December 19, 2007

I Called It: 4400 Cancelled... Dead Zone Too :(

I knew something wasn't right with The 4400 finale this season. Everything was wrapped up too nicely. I expressed that in this post back in September; Is The 4400 Being Cancelled?
I was so blown away by the season finale of 4400. There was so much closure in this episode that it felt like the end of The 4400.
Unfortunately, TV Guide reports that my suspicions were true; USA Expresses "Deep Sadness" Over Dual Cancellations. This is awful. Honestly, I stopped watching The Dead Zone. It was a time issue.

I guess the age of the 7 year science fiction TV show is over. They're all dropping like flies. Well, there were some good times with both of these shows. I thank everyone involved for giving us two wonderful shows. You did a great job guys!


Dave Splash said...

I'm pissed. I thought 4400 was the best new sci-fi show since X Files.

scifirantergirl said...

Yeah. The sci-fi world is looking grim. TV is just bad right now.

Paul Weimer said...

There isn't much SF TV left for next season, that's for sure. Winter of our discontent

These are the times to delve into Netflixed discs of B-5 and Stargate and wait for Spring, so to speak, to come again.

scifirantergirl said...

With no good sci-fi on TV, geeks are going to be left to amuse themselves. Maybe there will be a geek baby boom. Let the geek baby- making begin! LOL!

Save The 4400 said...

A brand new operation is running to get a real end to he show...

Please check !

Thank you !