Wednesday, December 26, 2007

A Very Supernatural Christmas

A Very Supernatural Christmas

This episode opens up one year ago in my favorite town, Seattle, Washington. A grandpa visits his grandson on Christmas. He dresses up and plays Santa. He is startled by noises on the roof and soot coming down the chimney. Grandpa Santa is pulled up the chimney screaming and his bloody foot, still in his boot is thrown back down the chimney.

Dean questions a lady that has this happened to this year on Christmas. Sam thinks there an evil Santa on the loose; an "anti-Claus" if you will. He says there is evil Santa folklore to back up his theory; Bellsnickle, Krampus and Black Peter. This is supposed to be Santa's brother. He shows up around Christmas but instead of bringing presents, he punishes the wicked. Dean does some thinking and notes that both victims visited the same Santa's Village prior to their deaths.

We get a Sam and Dean Christmas flashback in 1991. A young Sam asks his brother why his dad hasn't shown up. He's a bit sad and starts asking Dean all sorts of questions. One of which is about his mother. Dean freaks out and tells Sam to never talk about their mother. The moment fades. Back in the present, Sam tells Dean that he doesn't want to celebrate Christmas because he doesn't have fond memories of it.

According to the lore, the anti-Clause will walk with a limp and smell like sweets. The creepy Santa that they see at Santa's Village has a slight limp and smells like ripple. They follow him and stake out his home. They hear some screaming coming from Santa's mobile home. They burst in and he is watching Christmas porn and smoking a bong. Instead of waving guns, they start to sing him Christmas carols. What a riot!!!

While they are farting off, another house is attacked by the anti-Claus. A kid sees the bloody mess of a monster and hears it attack his mother. To make matters worse, anti-Claus drags the kids father down the stairs in his Christmas toy bag and punches the dad in the bag in front of the kid. After all of that, anti-Claus eats a cookie and buggers off. That kid is going to be in therapy for the rest of his life.

Sam notices that the families all have the same wreath in common. The wreaths have meadow sweet in them. It is a pagan herb used for human sacrifice for the god of the winter solstice. (I've never heard of this god and I couldn't find him on Google but it sounds like "holding a car".) The boys ask around and find out that Mrs. Carrigan gave the shop keep the wreaths for free.

We get another flashback of young Sam and Dean. We see the moment when Dean tells Sam that monsters are real and the truth about their mom. Sam is concerned about their safety and goes to sleep in tears. Later, young Sam wakes up and sees a Christmas tree and presents. Dean tells him that their Dad finally showed. Dean actually stole the presents from under someone else's tree. Sexy Daddy Winchester never showed up.

The guys visit wreath lady and she's Martha Stewart... or like a creepy stepford wife. She says she used meadowsweet in the wreathes because "she never smelled anything finer".
Later that night, the boys do research and find out that wreath lady and her husband were in Seattle at the time of the other kidnappings/ killings. They also find out that evergreen stakes will kill the anti-Claus. The boys break into the creepy couples home at night and find a basement that filled with bloody body parts. Yuck! They were keeping the monster down there. The creepy couple attack Sam and Dean. They have super strength because they are really the evil anti-Claus demon god things. While they are holding the boys hostage, they are really chipper and polite to Sam and Dean. Hell, they are the most likeable human sacrificers that I've ever seen! The two gods complain that they had to go underground and assimilate into modern culture because Jesus came around. They say they survive on a modest amount of human sacrifice. They pull a fingernail from Sam's hand and just as they were about to pull a tooth from Dean's head, a neighbor came by with fruitcake. When the couple returns, Sam and Dean have escaped. They lock the crazy couple in the kitchen and pull their Christmas tree apart to make new stakes. The couple attacks again but gets stabbed with the make- shift evergreen stakes.

Sam changes his mind and decorates their hotel room for Christmas. The boys exchange gifts and enjoy Christmas for what could be the last time.

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